Dungelot Shattered Lands


I don’t always finish games, but when I do then I thoroughly enjoyed them!

I am not entirely sure what made me play Dungelot: Shattered Lands as I tend to skip on games that don’t have a great rating but I did not skip this one.
And I really enjoyed the simple mix of turn based dungeon crawler and minesweeper.
You start each level with an undiscovered dungeon room and then get to click on the single tiles to reveal what is underneath them – sometimes you find nothing, sometimes there is some loot and at other times you discover a monster.
The thing with monsters is that they block all surrounding tiles and that puts an element of strategy into the game as resources are kinda scares and you have to pick your battles.

Dungelot_Shattered_Lands_07The interface is clearly designed for Touchscreens and most of the game play is choices based. You need to enjoy making thoughtful decisions and not just start clicking wildly – many of the negative reviews make me expect that the player did not put enough thought into the decision making process or fell for the “100%” trap that makes you explore dungeons long after you found the key that opens the door even though there was still a lot of dungeon left to come.Dungelot_Shattered_Lands_06As you progress through the levels you unlock more classes, but I never switched and continued the game with the Paladin I started with. The gold you collect you can spend on permanent stat increases or on cheaper blessings at the temple that disappear after a single run. Finding the right mix sometimes requires some level exploration before you waste your precious gold coins.Dungelot_Shattered_Lands_05If you enjoy a bit of a challenge and like the genre then I can certainly recommend Dungelot – but if you want action and fast clicking or if you have an OCD that requires you to clean each stage and kill every monster then you might better stay away from this one.

I finished it!



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