Cinematice Trailer without gameplay

Broforce does to videogames what Team America: World Police did for movies by putting every US action movie stereotype into a single game and making it hilarious.

This one also shows the actual game!

From Stallone over Schwarzenegger to Sigourney Weaver all big action heroes I remember from childhood are present and get to save the world and plant an American flag. And it is a serious blood bath with plenty of pixelated splatters and explosions making your screen come alive with motion. Add to that a destructible environment and you have an explosive mix.
These days I am always looking for games I can play with my nephews and that are easy to get in and out. Broforce turned out to be a fantastic choice! This one we played with 4 players of different skill levels and the whole setup is made to work really well in that scenario. You die a lot, but that is not really surprising with four people setting off explosive all over the screen – and while friendly fire does not touch you, the detonating barrels from a friendly shot certainly will.
Now to keep your friends from having to watch while you enter war machines and clean the level from hordes of enemies you get to find hostages along the way that revive your fallen comrades in the order they died. So the weakest player might die first – but he will also be the first be revived.
The only thing we changed was to turn off the screen shake as that was just too annoying with so many players.
So far we have not played it too long – but I am already confident to add it to the collection as a must buy if you aim to play with friends!


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